EDC NY 2016: Through the Eyes of a Raver

Last week, New York City got a little extra plur thanks to the Electric Daisy Carnival making its way to Citi Field. Artist, both big and small, gathered to perform for over 100,00 people in the big apple. One of those ravers was 20-year-old Nathaniel Singer from Boston, MA. He and 2 of his friends hopped in their car and drove t 216 miles to enjoy their first festival.

Nathaniel has been a fan of EDM for 5 years now and he says that the 128bpm is what attracted him to the music, “[It] just gives you this feeling to bounce and have a good time, you can just forget about everything else.”edc-NY-2016-alive-1

After 3 months of preparation, his trip to EDC NY was finally here. He described the festival as, “A place were you can be you and no one will care. Everyone is there to have the time of their lives!” Nathaniel stressed that all the people dancing beside him were what made the concert so great, “My group met some people from Canada and they are all just crazy about the music an having an unforgettable time. “

Nathaniel and his new friends enjoyed the music from artist like ZEDD, Dillon Francis, and Dada Life, He said that these men, along with all the other artist “brought an amazing vibe to the festival with their song choices and artist graphics.“

You can check out all of Nathaniel’s crazy EDC NY adventures by watching the incredible After Movie he created!

Created by Nathaniel Singer, Infinity Sound Productions



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