Burning Man Tickets Sells Out in 30 Minutes

If you were waiting till the last minute to grab your Burning Man tickets your already too late.

Tickets for the annual event sold out in just 30 minutes, yes, that means 30,000 tickets at $390 a ticket, along with 10,000 vehicle tickets at for $80 dollars each.

Burning Man is held annually in the Black Rock desert in Nevada and begins the week before Labor Day; this year it will run from Aug. 28 to Sept. 5, with a ‘da Vinci Workshop’ art theme.

More than 70,000 hopeful attendees registered ahead of time in the event’s lottery system, operating like a waiting room with random selections, and each account was limited to two tickets and one vehicle pass. There were already 500 pre-sale tickets that were sold at $1,200 each.

Burning Man made the sell-out announcement over Twitter and passed along a link with secondary ticket options, including a low-income ticket program that offers 4,000 tickets priced at $190 each.

Credit : Mix 247 EDM


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