New York’s Electric Zoo Wild Island Announced 2016

On Labor Day Weekend 2016, New York City will find out what urban jungle really means at Electric Zoo: Wild Island.

Per the email blast, “Be warned! Things have gotten a little savage out on Randall’s Island. The animals have taken over! In fact, they ate their zookeeper Randall and have renamed their new home Wild Island. But that’s not gonna stop us from bringing you over a hundred of the world’s best DJs, production that looks straight from another dimension, and the kind of vibes that will have you roaring with glee for months afterwards.”

“Wild Island is what happens when the great civilization of New York City meets the untamable forces of nature. With brand new stage designs inspired by larger-than-life animals and the thrill of exploring new worlds, a monster lineup of the world’s biggest DJs and top-shelf global curators, Electric Zoo: Wild Island will be where you can get back in touch with your wildest side this Labor Day Weekend.” 

“Eager beavers and early birds take note! Pre-Sale for Electric Zoo: Wild Island begins on February 4th, but registration is already open. 3-Day Passes start at $199.99 and Early Bird wristbands come with an arkload of perks: priority lane entrance, discounts on afterparties, travel, ferry & shuttle, limited edition ‘Early Bird’ wristbands, and our best price guarantee.

credit: Mix 247 EDM


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